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‘Tis the Season for Beets

So we were given some beets from some friends and I thought I would give a go at pickling them so that next time my beetroots are ready I will know what to do. 

I did a lot of reading as I was not sure whether to do plain beets, spiced beets, hot beets … who new the options. We settled with spiced beets. Here is how it happened. 

3 jars sterilised and hot – size = about 300ml each
6 beets
2 1/2 cups of white vinegar
1 cup of water
splash of ground cinnamon
splash of ground cloves

1. Boil the beets (skin on) for about 25mins. I used the water from here to make up the water for Step 3. 

2. Let them cool for a bit, and skin them. I used an old glove that didn’t have a pair and although it was for my left hand I put it on my right and that saved my hand getting too red. 

3. Add water, vinegar and spices into pot that was used to boil the beets. Bring to boil. 

4. While that is boiling, slice (or dice into cubes if you like!) the beets. and put them into the hot sterilised jars you have prepared earlier. 

5. Once boiled, pour into the jars over the beetroot and poke with a knife to get all the air out between the beets. 

6. Close lid and store in fridge for about 2 weeks before using. 

YUM!Can’t wait to make them with my own next season. 

Peeled Betroots

Peeled beets, glove and hot jars ready to be filled. Note the newspaper on the bench, just to save my pink bench from becoming more pinker!

Sliced beets going into the jar

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