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One a Penny, Two a Penny, Hot Cross Buns

So I had some ingredients in the cupboard and decided to spend the day making hot cross buns for Good Friday. Eve even helped me stir and she especially liked smelling the spices. 

We got the recipe from here.

And this is how we did it.

Eve stirring away

Buns rising

Crossed and ready for the oven

Finished buns! YUM!

Next year I will look at maybe a sourdough recipe with a live yeast and also look into getting some local ingredients, like grain/flour and possible the raisins and current. For the time being this used up what I had in the pantry. 

I also found this online, although it is not the recipe that I used it is a good idea. Maybe I can look into getting the recipes that I like put onto hand towels. 

MOZI tea towl

‘Tis the Season for Beets

So we were given some beets from some friends and I thought I would give a go at pickling them so that next time my beetroots are ready I will know what to do. 

I did a lot of reading as I was not sure whether to do plain beets, spiced beets, hot beets … who new the options. We settled with spiced beets. Here is how it happened. 

3 jars sterilised and hot – size = about 300ml each
6 beets
2 1/2 cups of white vinegar
1 cup of water
splash of ground cinnamon
splash of ground cloves

1. Boil the beets (skin on) for about 25mins. I used the water from here to make up the water for Step 3. 

2. Let them cool for a bit, and skin them. I used an old glove that didn’t have a pair and although it was for my left hand I put it on my right and that saved my hand getting too red. 

3. Add water, vinegar and spices into pot that was used to boil the beets. Bring to boil. 

4. While that is boiling, slice (or dice into cubes if you like!) the beets. and put them into the hot sterilised jars you have prepared earlier. 

5. Once boiled, pour into the jars over the beetroot and poke with a knife to get all the air out between the beets. 

6. Close lid and store in fridge for about 2 weeks before using. 

YUM!Can’t wait to make them with my own next season. 

Peeled Betroots

Peeled beets, glove and hot jars ready to be filled. Note the newspaper on the bench, just to save my pink bench from becoming more pinker!

Sliced beets going into the jar

What Worked for Us

This is a simple list of great things that I have used and have been VERY useful to Eve, Russell and I. Working for us is different for working for anyone and everyone, so this is not a ‘must have list’ or a ‘live without list’. To thier credit, I am not sure I would have been able to live without some of them – like the nappies!

NappiesGreen Nappy Company – We researched for ages and settled with these ones because a) they were locally (Australian) made, b) they did not have inserts like many nappies so we don’t have to handle the dirty nappies too much, c) dry bucket system and d) the cost was reasonable. Tips on these would be to make sure you wash them before you use them to help the absorption activate and the material work. Once they are working they are a great product. I use them with the Eenee flushable liners as well.

Waterproof Nappy Bagdiaperbagwrangler – instead of plastic bags I carry one of these handy bags. It would be great if I had another one, cause washing them every time I use them means some days I do have to use the old plastic bag, in which case I use a biodegradable one! 

Pants off Party Floor Mats - So Russell’s sister Heather gave us a great little mat she made using material and a plastic table cloth she got from spotlight. It is a waterproof solution and means you can just chuck it in the wash – much like a towel, but less bulk for when they are moving around a bit.

Sophie the Giraffe – we have only just taken this out, but already she is in high demand. I am not sure exactly what this thing is made of, but it is amazing! She pops it straight in her mouth and it is light enough that she can eve squeak it which makes her giggle. 

Mumma and Bubba Calm Balm – we were given this and I didn’t use it for a while until Eve was having a few rough nights and I cracked it out. I was amazed. It smells wonderful and is by sure my first option when she is terribly upset, I grab this, give her tummy and back a rub and I even hold it in front of her nose on my hands and she sniffs it and is either distracted enough or absorbed by the smell that she calms right down. Also coming with a great useable box packaging as a toy, their product is organic, natural and free of chemicals. The packaging and posting is all very conscious of the environment. 

Baby WearingMinimonkey – Baby Bjorn – One of the most satisfying and easiest way for me to bond with Eve has been heart to heart. At them moment I don’t go anywhere without this Minimonkey. It is by far the easiest thing to use and Eve just pops in and out and I can get in and out of a shop, a petrol station or even just a quick coffee. And she loves it. We were also lent a Baby Bjorn which has been just beautiful. The times that I have had a screaming baby and I pop her in, give a little jiggle and she generally rocks off to sleep. I shop with it, garden, house work, sometimes even I put her in, if she falls asleep I lay down with her still in it. 

I am sure that there are many more, and I will be posting as I learn and discover way more things about having a baby and being a mum. A good start, cause someone asked me what I sued the most. At the moment these are my top 6! 

Out of the 3 month blur …


So, we are still here. We emerge as a family from the 3 month blur of a new baby. In fact I can say that the last 4 weeks has been so great I can’t imagine doing anything else. Earlier I was thinking I couldn’t get back to work sooner, but as I have enjoyed the playing, the smiling, the walking, the gurgling and the homemaking I am starting to fall in love with my ‘new’ mother life.

It has been hard at times, there is no denying it. But I am starting to begin to feel like my head is just stretching out and above the water and I can breathe. 

Russell my darling, this post is probably to you and I and just reminding us that although we now have a beautiful little daughter it is time for us to get back to our worlds of getting on top of housework, church time, together time and into the drift of family times. Our house is amazing and I am so comfortable in here that I can’t imagine having our family anywhere else. 

Cheers to families.

Cheers to baby’s.

Cheers to God and creation … ah beauty.