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Let me start on this weekend …

I met up with a woman in a jewellery store in Healesville. My parents and I had spent the day up at our block of land, plotting out trees, discovering native and weed fauna, when we decided to get lunch. On the way to lunch we passed this store and on the door there were some photos of Uganda and a Rotary Club that had just been there (returned 3 weeks prior) where they built a school.

Sally spoke to me of their dream and to be honest every part of her dream had some other connection in my life as well. She spoke about how she wanted to ask some back yard blitz team if they wanted to do a humanitarian project (like have they ever thought of doing on before?). So I introduced her to Architecture for Humanity. She spoke about getting some sort of sporting up for the kids in the community – again Architecture for HumanityFootball for Hope Projects! Then she spoke about this person that she wanted to get people to micro-finance, so I spoke to her about the Kiva website and how for Chirstmas our families had helped miro-finance someone in Nicaragua. Then she spoke of her dream for the place that they had created in Uganda. The future of a community garden (I told her about my permaculture course in Uganda in January!), then she explained the origianl reason the land was bought in Uganda was to house a small medical centre to educate the community and the plans were to build one in the future (I told her about my job and my passion for building places for healing!).

Then she spoke about the Rotary conenction, and I told her about my Grandpa Pappie, who was an avid member in his days. His achievments included the Paul Harris bagde and the Diamond Award. This Rotary Club had started with the Cow projects which was a whole other story. She invited me along to Rotary once Russell and I settled in Healesville.

As mum, dad and I left the store I felt so different. One thing was that I suddenly had another connection with visions in my life – my family (Pappie), my new home (Healesville), my job (Health Planning), my current little project (Permaculture and Africa).

This made me reflect on the last month of weekends …  spiritually guiding! It is not coincidence that I have met up with some people that were somehow meant to meet up with me! The permablitz in Hawthorn I met a girl that is connected to the permaculture place that I planning to visit in Uganda in January this year. At the Tear Conference I met up with another person from the same permablitz and also the woman that put me in contact with the Sabina.

Thanks Mum and Dad for a great day on Sunday. And Dad for seeing those photo’s on the door. Mum thanks for stopping at all those places on the way home with me – I will write more about them during the week.

There seems to be something about Permaculture and Uganda that keeps coming up in my life … we will wait and see.

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