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The Corporation

While we were away with some friends we watched this movie and there were some questions that I was researching and I found the ‘official website’ and it had some discussion questions that I thought got me thinking well. So I thought I would share. Enjoy!

Discussion Questions:

1. In what context can this film have the maximum impact?
a. Does the film have a polarizing effect?
b. Can it affect legislation and government regulations of business? How?

2. In a poll on our website, a majority of people suggest that the film convinces
them that corporate charters need to be revoked and the system rebuilt. Is
this plausible?
a. Can individuals within an organization overcome its inherent flaws?
b. Do you envision a return to earlier forms of business ownership and
management, or something entirely new?

3. Can capitalism and democracy co-exist?
a. How has the internet reshaped our democracy? How can it?
b. How can corporations be obliged to have a stake in the sharing of their
power, and in the social quality of their services?

4. In the film, the town of Arcata, CA (pop. 15,000) holds a forum on corporate
influence in their community, and they vote to keep all new chain restaurants
out. Can this happen in a major city?
a. What sacrifices does this action force the town to make?
b. What does it mean when a town votes not to recognize a corporation
as a “legal person”, and what are the implications of this vote?

5. The film depicts advertising companies focusing on efficient ways to
manipulate children into nagging their parents into buying their products, in a
study called “the nag factor”. How can parents shield their children from this
a. What are the potential dangers of a tv-free household?

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