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that stands for Sustainable Living Festival. Which was grand!

I have not posted for a while, but I thought I would start with some links and inspiration from the festival last weekend.

Let’s start with the one that I have used every day since the festival – Shop Ethical (iPhone Ap) – which is basically the book as an application that links live to research and background data for the reason that it is either non-ethical or boycotted. Very good for that supermarke trip if you have to!


Other really good finds of the day were:

  • Social Studio – a non-profit, design and studio based clothing brand from a skilled young refugee community
  • Lopees – an environmental Reusable Envelope for business’
  • Rad-Pads – cloth menstrual pads (Great, great, great – I may seem too excited about these, but I have been looking for them for a while)
  • The Sharehood – neighbourhood sharing resources
  • Friends of the Earth – lots and lots of links and resources, political stance and great connections
  • Send me Seeds Pip – a seasonal seed subscription – WHAT A GREAT IDEA FOR A GIFT!
  • Australian Ethical – Investment and Superannuation

Obviously this was not everything, but these were a few stand outs of the many that were there. You should come next year!

Also, my apples seem to be very ripe early this year – in fact there are none left on my tree, which is rather dissapointing. There could be a few other reasons – because Stanley was helping me eat them, the lorikeets were beautifully hanging and eating them (I couldn’t shew them away!) and we have also found a little mouse/rat thing (that we have named ‘ratatouille’ poking around). Stanley has now become a little obsessive complusive and sits and waits for ‘ratatouille’ each night at the tree – I think that he wanted all the apples.

Apples from the garden

Stanley helping me harvest the apples

Stanley still can’t believe that I am home!


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