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Shimba Hills – Mombasa

While my grandparents were in Nairobi they stayed in this place called the Treetops. This place in Shimba Hills was the same company and has built a hotel out of native timbers and it is like a big tree house. Also, last time Nikki had some friends that went and stayed at this place but Nikki missed out going last time so we made the trip for a night (8th). It was beautiful. It is also a part of a National Park Reserve and so we went for a few drives and were able to see a few animals.

This is the lodge/tree house

Baboons along the road

Dragon lizard below the tree house
Squirrel lying like on rail in the restaurant
Elephant …duh!
Beautiful clouds
A special type of antelope that they had not seen for a while – wrote the name down somewhere
Baboons as we were leaving
On the way there and back we had to catch a ferry. On the way there was fine. On the way back we had a 2.5 hour line to get on the ferry. Someone stopped and told our driver that a car had fallen off the ferry (the brakes didn’t work!) We are still a little shocked at how this happened – not sure that we will ever get an answer – we just hope that no one was in the car!
It was a very big change to the last couple of days we spent. In fact there were times when Nikki and I commented that it was so quiet and peaceful coming straight from Mombasa. After this night we went back and spent one more night at the Castle (9th) before leaving to go to Nakuru.
Typical bay of Matatu’s on the roads of Mambasa. Nikki and I travelled in many – at one time I counted 17 of us in the car! For only 20KSH it is well worth the trip and an understandable mode of ‘simple’ transport.

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