Diane Greenwood

Thinking about…

Relax, Retreat and Restore

What to bring

Clothes, Bed linen (sheets and blanket, doona, sleeping bags), towels, pillows, tea towels, and anything that each person wants to bring to entertain themselves. 


The Idea behind the Retreat

The idea of the weekend is to get away/relax/wonder/ponder and just be. At the same time explore a little about permaculture principles and what it means when we are already linked with a strong faith background. Three main principles form the basis of Permaculture: Care for People, Fair-trade/ethics and Care for the Earth. If these three things are so intrigant in our faith as well, why don’t we bring them together and see if there are areas to strengthen our faith, our community and the world together.  

I believe that Permaculture is the answer to a lot of things :)



Friday – Care for People

(no dinner provided) Supper + Chat provided!



Saturday – Exploring FairTrade and Ethics


Morning – Sour Dough Bread making / making ethical home products


Afternoon – Free time/relax/chill/knit/sew/read – sewing machine will be there


Night – Movie / documentary / games / with supper!


Sunday – Care for the Earth


Morning – site visit Diggers, Heronswood Garden 105 Latrobe Parade, Dromana

Lunch – either at Heronswood Café – From Garden Fork to Kitchen Fork – or back at house.

Afternoon Activity – you can choose to come and get active in a permaculture garden with some friends (explore their compost system, cardboard mulch the fruit trees etc)

Afternoon – go home when you like!


We would love to have you join us. Let Helen know if you are coming. See you there.


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