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PDC Finale, Lake Mburo and Leslie’s Paradise (Kigungu Village)

On the last night at Sabina we had a big big party and as a part of it we all had to have a little performance. My part in the night was playing an instrument that Will put together with a ‘thong’ and also playing the drums with Charles on the adungu. It was a great night and it was a good end to such a good corse with heaps of new friends.

Everyone performing

Little Rona dancing for her performance

Dan, Will and Amanda doing their performance of a ‘Ugandan Rap”

Group Shot

The last couple of days with some of the people from the PDC. We made it to a little National Park at Lake Mburo. Kate, Estelle, Daimen and I were lucky (or unlucky) enough NOT to get banda’s for the night and so we ended up camping with the hippos right beside us. I kept of thinking of Neva and how she would not approve of the sleeping arrangements given her escape from a charging hippo. It was actually a very relaxing couple of days and we went for a walking safari which meant we got up close to the animals with nothing between us and them except a guide and an AK47! Also we spent some time reading and laying in the sun.

These are my clothes drying and in the lake infront you can see how close they were

This is the warthog from inside our tent

I loved how they knelt to eat

Lots of hippos


Buffalo and Hippo

Sunset from our camp site

Kate, Estelle and Daimen on our walking tour with the guide, the animals were so close

Impala licking the salt from the salt water hole

Our guide, showing us Bush Berries

We made our way back to Kampala in a very interesting fashion. Now that I look back on it it was quite a fun trip, but along with a fight to get onto the bus, ending up on a 3 hour matatu, drinking and seat belt conversations along the way, Daimen, Estelle, Kate and I will not forget it at all.

After the Lake we caught up with Leslie from the Permaculture course. She offered us a place to stay and we found her house within a small paradise backing onto Lake Victoria. We spent Tuesday 26th January 2010 on Lake Victoria, in a traditional boat watching the sunset with a beer in hand. Ah what a tough Tuesday.

Lake Vitoria Boat Trip

The Boat on the Lake




The boat docked at Leslie’s place

Our safari tent accommodation in paradise

Bukenya, Daimen, Estelle, Kate and I infront of Lake Vitoria

A toad at our tent

On the last day of my stay Leslie organised for Rowe, Kate and I to visit Kigungu Village. This is a little fishing village on Lake Victoria surrounded and boarded by the airport on one side and the lake on the other. We were visiting to talk with some women from the village about a future project. There is so much opportunity in this country to make a difference. Let’s see where this takes us.

Rubbish disposal point in the village

Some local fish – we had a taste!

Were they cooked the fish

Jerry cans

Firewood for fuel being delivered from the islands

Little boy fixing a fishing net at the side of a boat

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