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Florida Hosp. Memorial Centre – Daytona Beach and Conference

Today we began the day with a tour of Florida Hospital Centre – Daytona Beach. There were a few stand out things in this one. The tour was with the COO – Operations Manager and he just had an amazing relationship with the staff, everyone was happy and they all were there to greet us at each department and then move us through. Incredible state of the art technology as it has only been open for 5 months.

The overall buildings, 3 in total 8 storey IPU, central core, offices

The main lobby

Typical bedroom headwall – not as ‘spa’ like as the other one.

Fully functioning ED waiting room – not a person in site.

ED staff station

CV Operating Theatre (CVOR)

ED bed bay – no curtains – all private and walled

Clean Air Operating Theatre

Theatres corridor – natural light

Healing Gardens between buildings

From that we went back to the Convention Centre. On the way, would you beleive it, I met someone from Uganda. More about her when I finish the conference I think. 

Chris and I participated in a workshop. Which was pretty good, got some good points to help us ensure the clinical team and design team stick together and how we can ensure that colaboration and integaration of a project team can work.

Following we had the keynote speaker – Micheal Graves, who knew how spirited this mans was.

A panel discussion in the evening about Healthcare REdesign and what clinical and architectural people thought of the direction of healthcare and where planning and modelling should be heading.

Another full packed day. As well as all this we have to make sure that we network, so every spare minute was talking to someone new – catching up with some people that we have met along the way, Chris and I only seem to see eachother at pickup and dropoff :)


FLW & Dr. P. Phillips Tour

Today was packed … and I am totally pooped!

There was nothing on in the conference this morning as my tour only started at 1.25pm. So I decided to take myself out to Florida Southern University. This is the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture on one site. I was speechless. It was a beautiful day, I couldn’t have asked for more sunshine. I will let some pictures tell you for themselves.

Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

William H. Danforth Chapel

Polk County Science Building

Water Dome with Roux Library in background

Roux Library

Louis Pond Ordway Building

Thad Buckner Seminar Building with William H. Danforth Chapel background


After that I cam back to the hotel and picked up Chris and Geoff and they took me to the conference. We registered and got on a bus to tour a hospital. I went to Dr.P.Phillips, which was designed by HKS, a firm that we are working on the Children’s with and the guy there new the people that I knew, so we got on great and I joined his tour group for the tour. So much learnt and i just got it all down in photo’s and drawings as tomorrow I am sure to be filled with more info.


Main Lobby from Level 2 (1 for us in Aust.)

Typical ICU Rooms – sliding doors, private, no bays in ICU at all.

Typical patient room head wall – not sure about the curtain!

In the evening we went to the shopping outlets which again was a bit overkill and I was just so overwhelmed I forgot to buy anything! Yes anything!

Ah well, I am so tired, almost falling asleep here. Off to bed and can you believe it, we are going through another daylight saving tonight. So I hope my technology can handle the alarm at the correct time. Here’s to hoping.

Africa 2009/2010

The plan so far …

28th November 2009 – Leave Australia for Johannesburg, South Africa

3rd December 2009 – Leave Johannesburg for Mombassa – to meet up with Nikki

10th December 2009 – Leave Mombassa for NakuruMission in Action

19th December 2009 – A group from GWUC arrives in Nakuru, there will be a total of 14 of us!

7th January 2010 – Head off for Rakai, Uganda, Permaculture Design Course

24th January 2010 – Bamboo Building Course

29th January 2010 – Head off back to Johannesburg, to fly to Capetown to see Granny

10th February 2010 – Come back to Australia!


Books to read while I am away:


  1. Transformation Architecture – Reshaping Our Lives as Narrative – Rom Martoia
  2. 1984 – George Orwell
  3. Lucifer’s Shadow a novel – David Hewson
  4. Snow Falling on Cedars – David Guterson
  5. Make Poverty Personal – The Bible’s call to END opression

Any other suggestions, email me.


getting ready …

I am here in the US for a conference on Health, Healthcare Design 09. Pretty cool and hoping to rejuvinate my spirits and get back into the research and fundementals of architecture and health planning.

Anyway, today is Friday and we arrive early this morning – 1am to our hotel. We slept a bit and then had a packed day of “taking it easy”. Part of the reason for my last post is that I am struggling a bit with the concept of this fake place and how there can be so many people here spending money and this is a small portion of the rich of the world. Imagine the poor and where they are sleeping tonight. So many people and so much money and just big big big.

Enjoy the photos as I work through this over stimulated environment.

an Eames chair in the Dallas Airport … didn’t expect to see this here.

our first look at the convention centre we will be attending! Castle-like?

Downtown Disney

Goofey – amazing street art with water, and by the cleaners!

Dragon, made from Leggo

Sunset at Downtown Disney

Mary ???

Oh, the architecture is amazing! Kidding for those who thought I was serious.

ah … also kidding around – Chris and I :)

current system values

I am in the States (more about that later) and I can’t help thinking more and more about something that I read recently.

“Mourning means not needing to pretend we’re ok, or that the world at large is ok. It registers our discontent with the current values system of the minority exploiting the majority, and our inability to be content while that is the case”

Something I that I am struggling with. Worth keeping this thought to reflect on.

Funeral and Religious Customs

antipoverty week my arse …

No one was doing any harm, infact did this building know that it was helping? Did this building know that it was its chance to make a difference? did it? Now it shines with a brand new door and a tiny information brochure. It shines with glory and victory and security. A little less life but a lot more power! 



Alright so, anger and sadness have filled my thoughts for the last couple of days as I had big plans for this week. Anti-poverty Week was suppose to be a time where people bridge the gap, get to know and maybe make a difference in the lives of some people in poerty.

There is this carpark ramp at the back of my work, where some people have made their home. During the day their belongings are neatly stored in the cable trays that hang under the concrete slab above, no one would know during the day that anyone called this home.

I work long hours and this is how my freinds and I met. My plan this week was to make sure that each night there was dinner, or some new blankets, or even something like some flowers. I even thought of doing a painting.

Alas … my plans have changed. Monday morning, bright and fresh I strolled down the alley to find a dirty great big roller door stuck on the outside of the building. No people in sight. I don’t know who I am agry at, but I am angry. I feel like the one week that we should be trying to get over this I find this building just pushed them out. They were not messy, they were not distructive, they cared about where they slept! They were people.

Each day this week I will return with my antipoverty week poster and information and put it back up on the door, this is the 3rd day they have taken it down and I just went and replaced it! I should drop flyers off to each floor in that building today at lunch.


Let me start on this weekend …

I met up with a woman in a jewellery store in Healesville. My parents and I had spent the day up at our block of land, plotting out trees, discovering native and weed fauna, when we decided to get lunch. On the way to lunch we passed this store and on the door there were some photos of Uganda and a Rotary Club that had just been there (returned 3 weeks prior) where they built a school.

Sally spoke to me of their dream and to be honest every part of her dream had some other connection in my life as well. She spoke about how she wanted to ask some back yard blitz team if they wanted to do a humanitarian project (like have they ever thought of doing on before?). So I introduced her to Architecture for Humanity. She spoke about getting some sort of sporting up for the kids in the community – again Architecture for HumanityFootball for Hope Projects! Then she spoke about this person that she wanted to get people to micro-finance, so I spoke to her about the Kiva website and how for Chirstmas our families had helped miro-finance someone in Nicaragua. Then she spoke of her dream for the place that they had created in Uganda. The future of a community garden (I told her about my permaculture course in Uganda in January!), then she explained the origianl reason the land was bought in Uganda was to house a small medical centre to educate the community and the plans were to build one in the future (I told her about my job and my passion for building places for healing!).

Then she spoke about the Rotary conenction, and I told her about my Grandpa Pappie, who was an avid member in his days. His achievments included the Paul Harris bagde and the Diamond Award. This Rotary Club had started with the Cow projects which was a whole other story. She invited me along to Rotary once Russell and I settled in Healesville.

As mum, dad and I left the store I felt so different. One thing was that I suddenly had another connection with visions in my life – my family (Pappie), my new home (Healesville), my job (Health Planning), my current little project (Permaculture and Africa).

This made me reflect on the last month of weekends …  spiritually guiding! It is not coincidence that I have met up with some people that were somehow meant to meet up with me! The permablitz in Hawthorn I met a girl that is connected to the permaculture place that I planning to visit in Uganda in January this year. At the Tear Conference I met up with another person from the same permablitz and also the woman that put me in contact with the Sabina.

Thanks Mum and Dad for a great day on Sunday. And Dad for seeing those photo’s on the door. Mum thanks for stopping at all those places on the way home with me – I will write more about them during the week.

There seems to be something about Permaculture and Uganda that keeps coming up in my life … we will wait and see.



On the weekend I met this guy that looked at opinions in a different way. People in fact are correct within themselves. Most of the time they believe what they are saying. In fact they go about trying to surround themselves with people who also think the same so that they feel better about their opinion and have some grounds to be more stubborn.

How is this going to benefit the world if we all surround ourselves with people who think the same? Will we end up with minority groups, racial districts, governments who are after one or two things and forget about the important parts of life?

If we only were able to all respect each other and understand that everyone is right in their own right. We would be a much better place that is able to grow in our differences instead of clashing them together.

Challenge your life with a little bit of difference and try to understand things you may not agree with. 

MPG09 … viva la revolution!

Paxis is a doing word!

So on the weekend it was MGP09, which for Russell and I only started on the Saturday morning.

We started the day off with a lovely breakfast and chat with people that were gathering. Meeting up with past praxerians was great! We rekindled connections from different parts of the praxis world. As they wondered out from their cabins and tents we gathered in our places with the anticipation of thinking, acting and reflecting.

Alt worship in the morning with Darren went over the peace motif (Alert but not Alarmed) and how we would express and decorate the missiles in our own backyard. It is from a book called:”Tales from Outer Suburbia” by Shaun Tan. All weekend we were surrounded by missiles that each of us decorated in our own ways, some were dismantled, some were painted with flowers, some even had party streamers inside waiting to surprise the curious.

Reflecting with Joan WH was really relaxing and refreshing. Sitting listening to the trees and the animals making thier bush calls was a reminder of God’s world. It was a perfect place to discuss spritual direction. We prayed, talked and explored together.

During the day we were all able to participate or hold lightning talks. This was a great time as people gathered in the dining area to spruke their gathering. It was a hard choice as each praxerian had a great presence and experience to combat the faint hearted. 

After dinner, Lin HD subdued people to light candles on our tables so that we could turn out those fluro’s! We moved into a time where Lin captured us all. She spoke on a personal level and used a Statement to the Nation from the UCA to demonstrate the values of the Uniting Church we are all apart of. There were items listed that confirmed the places that we all came from, all the actions that each praxerian stood for and the reason we still belonged. It was beautiful how she paused at each statement, letting it sink in and settle.

The weekend was touched by this sense of belonging, and each of us clinging to our own reasons for acceptance into this Church. There was a new hope for people who felt frustrated. If you felt frustrated enough not be connected to anything the Statement to the Nation from the UCA tore your attention back to the radical premise of the Uniting Church’s reason. There were things written in the Statement to the Nation from the UCA that I had never read before but knew and felt were within me in this Church.

What I got out of the weekend was a new found hope for being a part of this great Church. Although I may not be around compelling movements on an everyday basis, I know what the Uniting Church stood for and on what platform it was created. The platform of belief and understanding from the great people who wrote the Statement to the Nation from the UCA. I thought for a moment, where are those people now? I slowly realised that I spent the weekend with them! We are a part of a special God and a special movement. Let’s celebrate, let’s disturb the peace, let’s challenge the sticklers, let’s be who the Uniting Church set out to be, let’s be the revolution we want to see.

Viva la revolution!

Some have food,
Some have none,
God bless the revolution!


So last night I went to this talk at Kindness House in Brunswick Street. First of all a great place with lots of people in the one place that all do their own thing to save/help what/who they can.

Anyway onto the topic of the talk, it was about the new report and research that Greenpeace just released Working for the Climate. The talk was by Sven Teske, Greenpeace International’s Renewable Energy Campaign Director and it was so good to have someone disect the report before I read it.

I will write more about the parts that I particularly stood out to me, but for the time being:

  • Feed in tariffs
  • Industrial sector – market and demand
  • New technologies
  • The coal industry – it has only just made sense to me the coal debate and how much we rely on the industry and why they have such a hold on the market.

Will write more later, there are heaps of links an information if you want to do some more reading:

National feed-in tariff good for jobs and renewables

WCC-3: Working to make climate services available to all