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Mobasa + Bamburi

Okay – no photos this time – but just to let you know that we are alright.

I have met up with Nikki here in Mobasa – which is a happening little place. Combined with lots of people, Matatus andtuk tuks – you have to be careful running across the road. Nikki and I spent the day in old town on a tour (4 hours) which was just fantastic. Will pots photo’s of that when I get them off my stick. I am trying to keep all my gadgets away so people don’t know I have all these things :P

Yesterday Nikki and I moved into a homestay in Bamburi – which is also where restoration is. We will be going to restoration on Monday – tomorrow – anyway homestay. Yes we have been immersed in a Bamburi village – Nikki and I are in a house – sleeping on the floor, cooking traditional foods, this morning I made traditional Chai. We have been learing Swahili … so I will write some of those things down.

Nikki and I were given our Swahili names. It is a combination of what time you were born, what community you are and what sex you are. Chausiku is my name and Subira is Nikki’s.

Last night we went to Pirates beach and today we are planning to go to Diani beach in the afternoon.

That is about it. We are here until Tuesday and then we are planning to go to Shimba Hills.

We will keep writing.

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  • Reply Jesse |

    Hey Di,
    Sounds like this is quite a life-changing experience, that you’re immersing yourself deeply in the community and the culture. No doubt there’s a lot of confusion and confrontation, but underneath it all, it sounds like you’re loving your time there!

    Keep it up, i’m thinking of you and praying for you both. And don’t worry, Russ and Stanley are absolutely fine.

    Lots of love,

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