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Is Chapati the same when you are not in Africa?

So I am sure that if some of the people I spent time with in Uganda could read this post they would wonder why I just cooked chipati’s. Each morning and afternoon tea we were treated to chipati and sweet banana, sometimes with no banana and sometimes with egg (straight from the chickens!). I can see why people may have had a few to many – but personally I loved them. 

One night we also had Rolex for dinner from local Ssanje, which I must say I went back into town for another one a few days later. This is not my video but shows well what a Rolex is. 

We also had Chapati a few times in Kenya and I can remember when Nikki asked me if I had ever had it before. Now I can saw yes I have had chapati and I love it.

So on Saturday night when Nikki came over for dinner I made Rolex for her. I think that I can get better at this. Hope she liked it!

How to make chapati

Oh and by the way, I am obviously back in Australia and just getting back into the swing of things (and getting stuck into my garden!)


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    I look forward to sampling a Rolex (Rolleggs?) sample at your home one day!! Please let us know when you’ll be doing that!!! DadWol

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