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So last night I went to this talk at Kindness House in Brunswick Street. First of all a great place with lots of people in the one place that all do their own thing to save/help what/who they can.

Anyway onto the topic of the talk, it was about the new report and research that Greenpeace just released Working for the Climate. The talk was by Sven Teske, Greenpeace International’s Renewable Energy Campaign Director and it was so good to have someone disect the report before I read it.

I will write more about the parts that I particularly stood out to me, but for the time being:

  • Feed in tariffs
  • Industrial sector – market and demand
  • New technologies
  • The coal industry – it has only just made sense to me the coal debate and how much we rely on the industry and why they have such a hold on the market.

Will write more later, there are heaps of links an information if you want to do some more reading:

National feed-in tariff good for jobs and renewables

WCC-3: Working to make climate services available to all

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