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Florida Hosp. Memorial Centre – Daytona Beach and Conference

Today we began the day with a tour of Florida Hospital Centre – Daytona Beach. There were a few stand out things in this one. The tour was with the COO – Operations Manager and he just had an amazing relationship with the staff, everyone was happy and they all were there to greet us at each department and then move us through. Incredible state of the art technology as it has only been open for 5 months.

The overall buildings, 3 in total 8 storey IPU, central core, offices

The main lobby

Typical bedroom headwall – not as ‘spa’ like as the other one.

Fully functioning ED waiting room – not a person in site.

ED staff station

CV Operating Theatre (CVOR)

ED bed bay – no curtains – all private and walled

Clean Air Operating Theatre

Theatres corridor – natural light

Healing Gardens between buildings

From that we went back to the Convention Centre. On the way, would you beleive it, I met someone from Uganda. More about her when I finish the conference I think. 

Chris and I participated in a workshop. Which was pretty good, got some good points to help us ensure the clinical team and design team stick together and how we can ensure that colaboration and integaration of a project team can work.

Following we had the keynote speaker – Micheal Graves, who knew how spirited this mans was.

A panel discussion in the evening about Healthcare REdesign and what clinical and architectural people thought of the direction of healthcare and where planning and modelling should be heading.

Another full packed day. As well as all this we have to make sure that we network, so every spare minute was talking to someone new – catching up with some people that we have met along the way, Chris and I only seem to see eachother at pickup and dropoff :)


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    Your time is so exciting, how amazing are your pictures, you must be loving it.
    I checked out the speakers link, what an amazing man and what he hasn’t designed!! We are all off to Neva and Dan for lunch. Even Neil and Bec, and Meagan from down the road has locked herself out the house, and her folks are away so she slept her (got her at 1am!!) So she is coming too – pity Rus can’t make it.
    Take care, love you lots
    mom xxxxxxxxxxxx

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