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Christmas at MIA

So on Sunday (13th) MIA had their Christmas party. It was a combination of all the children, all the staff, their families, all the volunteers and because the gate had been left open there were some people from the community as well. In all there were just over 100 people. We had it in the new half made restaurant area which was really good to be outside and have everyone in the same place.

Decorating the restaurant area for the party

All of us walking over to the restaurant

My Christmas lunch – rice, vegetable pattie, chapati, salad and beans

This was all the adults sitting after Christmas lunch

On the first night Nikki and I were here we put together some Christmas bags for all the children. After lunch we handed out all the bags to the children. It is not very often that they get sweets or anything here, so when the bags came (they had a toy, a chocolate bar, jelly beans, lollypop, chips, soda drink) they were very very excited. 

Mary handing out the bags

Shiko with her bag – waiting to open it up – SO CUTE!

Jemma with her bag

David (Hoover), Lillian, Mikey and Shiko (Lillian)

Jacob (Chucky) or Nikki has given him the name Spunk! He loves it!

The cake

After lunch Martha, Mission II, Mary, Ivan and Sarah cut the cake.

The day was pretty full with action and fun. Although poor Nikki was in bad for half the day, she missed some of the party :( 

I should also say that I have spent the last couple of days in bed with a good dose of gastro. Hopefully I have got rid of it before the others get here. Don’t think I can remember being this sick. Feeling on the up now – so I will update more frequently. 

Only 5 days till Neil, Jas, Kat, Alanee, Bec, Tracey, Rose, Bethany and Ben get here :)



  • Reply Helen |

    Di, those kids are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all these thoughts, am praying heaps, everytime before I go to bed at least!
    Sorry to hear that you were sick, glad to hear that you are feeling better… hope and pray that you don’t get sick again!
    Love Helen xoxo

  • Reply Di |

    Thank heaps Helen.
    Yeah I am glad that I am better as well. It was a fun time. Glad I took the gastro kit from the doctors – I used it a lot.
    Also thanks so much for the praying. I am sure that you are helping us around this place. :)

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