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Apartheid Museum + Gold Reef Mine

Not much time to write, but I will let the photos tell the story again. Yesterday I managed to get to the Apartheid Museum and also down one of the Gold Reef Mines. the day was packed and it ended with dinner with Jen and her husband. 

Entrance to the Museum

Part of Nelson Mandella exhibition

The building with reflective pool

The mine shaft I went down

The gold reef – ore



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  • Reply Mom |

    Hi there

    What amazing photo’s you have, I’m sure you have many more but maybe not as many as you would like. This is a nice way of viewing your pics and keeping some of the memories forever – not easy to keep up with everyone individually. You’ve gone away for a purpose not to spend time on the computer emailing or writing. Remember I’ll phone where ever or when ever. How was it to see Nikki again in different surroundings?! Must have been good to catch up with each other. Say hi to her for me.
    Speak soon
    Love mom xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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