Diane Greenwood

Thinking about…

Set Up

I was going to post about this week and what I hope for, but I thought that I would start off with some things that are currently in my mind.

Last week was pretty packed with my mum not too well and in and out of hospital, I sat the ACAA Part 2. Exam for Architecture Registration (which is a story in itself!), work was up and running full speed, trying to book tickets for my trip in Africa, met with the bank about home loan and confirming that there was still room in the Permaculture Course in Uganda.

I also booked into go to a talk on ‘working for the climate’ about the positive changes that the environment can create on the workforce. That is for next Tuesday night. So I will let you know how that goes.

Have been thinking a lot about Chum Creek House and what we should include at the moment or what we should leave till later. Currently on my mind is Bamboo and the positive qualities.